215 vs 235 Tires: Can I Put 235 Tires On 215 Rims

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When shopping for new tires, you want to ensure you get the right size. Car tires significantly impact your vehicle’s safety, driving comfortability, and fuel efficiency, so keeping an eye on their performance is crucial. 

Tires are one of the necessary accessories for your car. Incorrect tire size can cause oversteer and understeer, and it can cause a catastrophic accident to your vehicle. You must know the differences between 235 and 215 tires to make the best choice for your car. 

This article will cover everything about 215 vs 235 tires. Moreover, can I replace a 215 tire with a 235 tire? Are 235 and 215 tires interchangeable?

215 vs 235 tire

What’s the difference between a 215 and a 235 tire?

There are a few key differences between 235 and 215 tires:

  1. The main difference is that 215 and 235 tires have a 20 mm width difference.
  2. 235 is a wider tire, so it has a larger contact patch than the 215.
  3. The 235 has slightly more rolling resistance than the 215 tires because of the wider surface contact area.
  4. 215 has a relatively small rolling distance than the wider 235 tires.
  5. 215 is better for wet and snow-driving conditions, and 235 is better for dry roads.
  6. The 215 AND 235 tires are available in various sidewall and rim sizes.
  7. The 215 has more fuel economy than the 235 tires (due to low rolling resistance).
  8. 235 tire has better covering, handling, traction, grip, and shorter braking distance.

You can use our free tire size comparison tool to check your new tire difference.

215 vs 235 tire difference

Parameter 215235
Contact patchRelatively narrowRelatively wider
TractionHigh in wet, snow surface Higher in dry surface
Cornering LowerBetter
Appearance Not sporty lookSporty look
Braking distanceSlightly longerSlightly shorter
Rolling resistanceLowHigh
Fuel economyBetter fuel economySlightly lower fuel economy


Click the following button to use our free tire size calculator to check tire diameter, width, sidewall, circumference, and revolutions per mile.


215 vs 235 tires technical difference.

Parameter215/75 R15235/75 R15Difference
Overall diameter:27.7 Inch28.9 Inch+1.2" (+4.3%)
Section width8.5 Inch9.3 Inch+0.8" (+9.3%)
Circumference87 Inch90.7 Inch+3.7" (+4.3%)
Sidewall height6.3 Inch6.9 Inch+0.6" (+9.3%)
Revs per mile:728.2698.4-29.8 (-4.1%)


Advantage of 215 tires.

  • Better traction in wet conditions.
  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • Cheaper.


Better traction in wet conditions.

When compared to 215 vs 235 tires, traction is a key feature, and 215 is a narrow tire than the 235. Therefore, 215 has better traction on wet and snow surfaces but not dry surfaces.


Better fuel efficiency.

Since the 215 is a slim tire, it has a smaller contact area than the 235. A smaller contact area means lower rolling resistance. As a result, it requires less engine power (torque) to move. Because of this, 215 tires offer better fuel economy than 235, which is one of the wider vs. narrow tire benefits.



Generally, 215 tires are less expensive than the wider 235 tires.


Advantage of 235 tires.

  • Better grip and traction in dry conditions.
  • Better handling and improved cornering.
  • Better appearance.
  • Better braking and acceleration.


Better grip and traction in dry conditions.

Since 235 is a wider tire, it has a larger contact patch and touches more surface area. Because of this, it has better traction and grip on dry road surfaces than the narrow 215 tires.


Better handling and improved cornering.

A tire with a larger contact area has better handling and cornering capabilities. 235 is a wider tire, and it performs and handles better than 215 tires.


Better appearance.

Wider tires have a better attraction than narrow tires, and this is because wider tires give a sporty look. Therefore 235 tire has a better appearance than 215 tires.


Better braking.

Since 235 wider tire has a larger contact area, it has better grip. Due to this reason, it has a lower braking distance. On the other hand, wider tires are a bit slower in acceleration.


How much bigger is a 235 than a 215 tire?

The 235 and 215 are the tire width in millimeters (mm). The 235 tire is 20 millimeters (0.8 inches) wider than a 215 tire, around a 9.3% size difference. This increased size allows for more grip and traction in dry surface conditions.


Can I put 235 tires on 215 rims?

You can put 235 tires on 215 if the rim size is the same. For instance, if you have a 235/75 R15 tire, you can put a 215/75 R15 tire without changing the rims. This interchanging is possible if you have a 7.5 Inch or 8-inch rim. If you are unfamiliar with tire size calculation, you can refer to the wider tires vs narrow tire article. 


Can I put 215 tires on 235 rims?

You can put 215 tires on 235 rims without problem if you have a 7.5-inch or 8-inch rim. When interchanging the different size tires, the first thing you should check is the rim size and wheel arch clearance.


Are 215 and 235 tires interchangeable?

The 215 and 235 tires are interchangeable. Before replacing the new tire set, ensure your car has enough wheel arch clearance. The 215 tire is 215mm in width, and the 235 tire is 235mm in width. There is a 20mm width difference between these two tires. You can easily interchangeable these tires if you have a 7.5 or 8 inches rim (without replacing the rim). It would be better to use a similar aspect ratio for better performance. Furthermore, your new tires should have an equal or higher load index and speed rating for better safety.




Difference between 215/75R15 and 235/75R15.

The difference between 215/75R15 and 235/75R15 is 20mm in width. Moreover, the overall diameter difference is 30mm, the sidewall height is 15mm, and the circumference is 94mm. Therefore overall clearance change is 15mm. The following table provides more comprehensive details.

Overall diameter:704 mm734 mm+30 mm (+4%)
Section width215 mm235 mm+20 mm (+9%)
Circumference2210 mm2304 mm+94 mm (+4%)
Sidewall height161 mm176 mm+15 mm (+9%)
Clearance Change15 mm


Difference between 215/85R16 vs 235/85R16.

The 215/85R16 and 235/85R16 tire sets’ difference is 22mm in width, 34mm in diameter, 107mm in circumference, and 17mm in sidewall height. Changes in the ground clearance are 17mm. You can replace 215/85R16 with 235/85R16 tires and vice versa. The following table provides more complete details.

Overall diameter:772 mm806 mm+34 mm (+4%)
Section width215 mm235 mm+20 mm (+9%)
Circumference2425 mm2532 mm+107 mm (+4%)
Sidewall height183 mm200 mm+17 mm (+9%)
Clearance changes17 mm



The 235 tires are wider than the 215 tires. These two tire sets have different handling, traction, cornering, grip, fuel efficiency, appearance, braking distance, and acceleration. 

When replacing 215 tires with 235, choosing a similar aspect ratio and rim diameter is better. Furthermore, ensure that new tires have an equal or higher load index and speed rating for better safety. Never use different size tires for the same axle; it can cause car shakes at high speed and steering and ABS problems. However, you can use the staggered wheel setup for better performance.

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