Can I Put 275 Tires On 245 Rims | 245 vs 275 Tire

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When it comes to tire replacement, you may think can I put 275 tires on 245 rims? Can I use 245 front and 275 rear? When choosing a new tire set for your vehicle, you must consider several things.

When using different tire sizes, it changes the tire diameter, width, sidewall, and circumference. Also, when using larger wheels, it makes a difference between the actual speed of the vehicle and the speed indicated by the speedometer display. So it would be best if you considered these factors before deciding on a new set of tires.

This article will cover the Can you fit 275 tires on 245 rims? What’s the difference between a 245 tire and a 275 tire?

Car tire replace

245 tire specification.

The 245 tires are 9.6 inches in width and can vary in specifications such as tire diameter, sidewall, and circumference because the 245 tires are manufactured in different aspect ratios and wheel diameters. Since this is a narrow tire, it is better for snow-driving conditions.


275 tire specification.

The 275 tires are 10.8 inches wide and have different diameters, sidewalls, and circumferences. 275 manufactures different aspect ratios and wheel diameters like other tires, and 275 is a wider tire than the 245. These are the best for dry surfaces, and the greater surface area provides better traction, grip, cornering, and durability.


What Is The Difference Between 245 and 275 Tires? (245 vs 275)

The significant difference is the tire width (section width), and 245 and 275 are the tire width in millimeters. The 275-size tire is 1.44 inches (30 mm) wider than the 245 tires. Moreover, the 245 has a relatively smaller contact patch than the 275 tires. The tire’s other specs, like diameter, sidewall height, circumference, and revs per mile, change according to the aspect ratio and wheel diameter.

The actual speed is slightly different than the speedometer because of these two tires’ overall height difference, and the 275 tire has a higher speed. These changes barely affect the car’s fuel efficiency, driving comfort, traction, and price. You can read wider car tires better than narrow car tires for more details.

For this comparison, we use the same aspect ratio and diameter tires. If you need to check using different aspect ratios and diameters, use our free tire size comparison tool.

275 Vs 245 Tire

245/60R20 275/60R20DifferenceDifference (%)
Diameter (Inches)31.633+1.4+4.5%
Width (Inches)9.610.8+1.2+12.2%
Circumstance (Inches)99.1103.6+4.5+4.5%
Sidewall (Inches)5.86.5+0.7+12.2%
Revolutions Per Mile639612-27.4-4.3%




Can I Use 275 Tires Instead Of 245 Rim?

Yes, 275 tires can be used on a 245-tire vehicle without replacing the rim if you have a 9.5-inch rim. However, on a 9-inch rim, 275 tires can be used instead of 245 tires. Ensure that your old and new tires have the same or higher load index and speed rating. These ratings are on the tire sidewall. However, other than the 9.5-inch rim, it will not receive the full performance benefit of that tire.

To use 275 tires, you must use a tire with the same wheel diameter. If the car manufacturer recommends 245 tires, you can use 275 with little difficulty. For instance, 245/45R18 tires vehicles can replace 275/45R18 tires. Before purchasing, ensure both tires have the same rim diameter. If you are unsure how to read tire size, read the rest of the article.

Click the following button to use our free tire size calculator to check tire diameter, width, sidewall, circumference, and revolutions per mile.


Will 275 tire fit on a 9-inch rim?

Yes, you can use 275 tires on 9 inches width rim. There is no significant performance issue, and there may not be any bulge or floppy at the top of the tire. For safety, a tire 20 mm wider than the stock tire is better mounted on the original rim, but you can go beyond that limit, like 33mm. However, before purchasing, ensure the tire rim height is the same.


Will a 275 tire fit an 8.5-inch rim?

You can use the 275 tires on an 8.5-width rim without the bulge at the tire sidewall, and we cannot see any significant performance issue. However, the optimum tire width for an 8.5-inch rim is 225 mm to 255 mm. A tire that is 20 millimeters wider than the stock tire can be mounted on the original rim is safe. However, you can go beyond the 20 mm difference without any issue.



What Are The Advantages Of 275 Tires?

  • Better traction in dry conditions.
  • Better handling.
  • Better appearance.
  • Better braking and acceleration.


Better traction in dry conditions.

The 275 tire has better traction than the 245 tires in dry conditions. This is because 275 has a wider contact patch, giving a better grip on the road.


Better handling.

The 275 wider tires are better for handling and cornering than the narrower 245 tires. This is because the 275 tire has a wider contact patch and better tread.


Better appearance.

Wider tires have a sporty appearance than narrow tires. Most car owners use wider tires to improve the more sporty look than the performance.


Better braking and acceleration.

215 tire has a wider and larger contact area than the 205 tires. Therefore, 215 tire has better weight distribution, quick acceleration, and shorter braking distance.



What Are The Advantages Of 245 Tires?

  • Better traction in wet conditions.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency.
  • Cheaper.
  • Less noise.


Better traction in wet conditions.

Narrow tires perform better in wet and snow driving conditions. This is because it has a relatively smaller contact patch therefore, it puts higher surface pressure per square inch. Therefore 245 is better for this type of climate. Wider tires are more prone to hydroplaning.


Better fuel efficiency.

Narrower tires have less friction than wider tires. Because 245 has a relatively small contact patch than 275. This is one of the most economic benefits of wider vs narrow tires. Therefore 245 tire has higher fuel efficiency than 275 tires.


Less noise.

Narrow tires have relatively smaller contact patches therefore, on highways, they generate less noise than the wider tires. Therefore 245 gives more driving comfort. However, some manufacturers use the tires’ sound absorption materials (polyurethane foam) inner surfaces to overcome this issue.



Generally, 245 tires are less expensive than wider 275 ones. If you want more economical tires, you must go with 245 tires.



How to read tire size.

Vehicle tire measurement is mentioned on the sidewall, and the 275 and 245 is a tire ISO metrics. The tire size we use for this demonstration is 275/35 R20 103Y, which are mentioned in inches and millimeters.

You’ll find illustrations of how to read the tire size in the following.

275 35 R20 103Y Tire size

Tire width.

The first three numbers mention the tire width; in our example, it is 275 millimeters.


Aspect ratio.

Right after the slash mark, there is two digits number; it is the tire aspect ratio. It shows how tall your tire’s profile is and is mentioned in percentage. A tire’s aspect ratio is determined by dividing the tire’s sidewall height by the tire’s width. Lower aspect ratio tires have better handling performance.



After the aspect ratio shows the tire’s internal construction architecture, there are two types of construction. R – radial and D or B stance for Diagonal or Bias Ply.


Rim diameter.

After the construction, two digits are the tire rim diameter (wheel diameter) in inches. In our example 275/35 R20 103Y tire, its rim size is 20 inches.


Load index.

Load index in the tire is how much weight (pounds) the tire can support when fully inflated. In our example, tire size 275/35 R20 103Y, the load index is 103. Therefore this tire can support 1929lbs (875Kg).


Speed Rating.

The final letter is the tire speed rating. There are 35-speed limits, starting from 3mp/h (5km/h). In our example, the Y rating has a speed limit of 186mp/h (300km/h).



Can I use 245 front 275 rear?

Yes, you can use 245 front and 275 rear and vice versa. It is better to put wider wheels like 275 on the front for better performance, and this change will increase the overall grip and not change in balance.


How much difference is there between a 245 and a 275 tire?

245 and 275 is the tire width in millimeters. The main difference is 1.44 inches (30 mm) wider, meaning the 275 tires are 1.44 inches wider than the 245 tires. Changing the tire width while keeping everything else the same will change the tire’s overall diameter, sidewall, circumference, and revolutions per mile (revs/mile).

For example, 245/40R20 and 275/40R20 have the same wheel diameter (rim height), but 245 has a 3.9inch, and 275 has a 4.3-inch sidewall. In this example, both tires’ Overall diameter difference is 0.9 inches (24mm).


Do I need to lift my truck for bigger tires?

When replacing tires 245 to 275, the overall height change is minor. The new tire (275) adds 0.9 inches (24 mm) in diameter and 0.5 inches (12 mm) sidewall height. These changes are insignificant for most cars. So you do not need to increase the height of the wheel.

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