Car Maintenance Tricks Every Car Owner Should Know | 8 Things

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Before starting your journey, you must ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition. If any part fails to work properly, it can cause dangerous accidents. Another important thing is properly maintaining a vehicle to save your money and time. These car maintenance tricks will benefit your pocket.

In this article, I will talk about a few key things you should pay close attention to. It applies to any type of vehicle, including gasoline or electric or hybrid cars, VAN, trucks, or SUVs. Although a few things do not apply to electric vehicles. In this article, I will discuss 8 car maintenance tricks every car owner should know.

Car Engine
Nissan Car Engine



Tires are a very important part of a vehicle. Every driver should pay close attention to the tires because improperly maintained tires can lead to serious accidents. Before starting the vehicle, you must check each tire’s air pressure. You have to maintain the recommended tire pressure usually mentioned in doorjambs. Furthermore, if you can rotate the tire position at a certain period, you can get worn benefits.

There are a few portable types of equipment that allow anyone to check tire air pressure at home. You can find low-cost gadgets on Amazon, eBay, or Alixpress. Some of the gadgets can measure air pressure and pump air too. Some of the latest cars have a built-in pressure monitoring system; if you don’t have one, you can use 3rd party tire pressure monitoring system for a few dollars.

Another main factor is the tire grooves; you must ensure that the grooves are correct. Moreover, you have to check tire groves are worn out. If it’s worn out, it’s time to replace them. These things will be able to avoid deadly accidents. This is the first car maintenance trick.

Tire size is also a critical factor. You must use the same size for a single axle when replacing new tires. Moreover, you can use slightly different size tires, front axle, and rear axel. Read more about 245 vs 265 Tires: What Is The Difference?

Engine Oil.

Another important thing is the oil level in the vehicle. There are mainly two types of oils in the car. Brake oil and engine oil are them. Engine oil minimizes the resistance between the metal parts of the vehicle’s engine. It allows the engine to work smoothly and lowers engine parts worn-out and heating. That’s one of the key factors for the durability of the gasoline engine.

Once a week, check the engine oil using a dipstick and ensure the engine oil is in the required quantity and oil is depleted. You are good to go if the oil level is between the low and full marks. Furthermore, you can check the oil color has changed, then it’s depleted, and it’s time for the engine oil to change. You have to use the manufacturer’s recommended engine oil. Otherwise, it will not give better performance.


Coolant Condition

Just as important as engine oil, you must pay close attention to the engine coolant. When the vehicle engine running, it gets very hot. Coolant can reduce the excess heat and cool down the engine in that situation. You must use the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended coolant, like engine oil. You should not use any other liquid as a substitute for coolant.

You must check the coolant liquid level every day or twice a day. If it’s below the optimal level, then it’s time to change it. Never use the excessive amount; it’s useless.


Dashboard Signals.

Almost all the new vehicles have more functions to display the vehicle’s health status on the dashboard. You have to give close attention to identifying the faults in the vehicle. If any warning or information signal is shown, give immediate action.


Brake System.

The brake system is another key important part of a vehicle. If there’s any kind of break issue, then you should never drive that vehicle on the road. Before your every ride, you must ensure that the brake system functions properly. It’s applicable to pedal breaks as well as hand breaks.

Also, check the brake oil level to make sure the oil is at the required level. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended brake oil if it needs any refill.

Another thing that you should consider is If the pedal break goes down too much, you have to pay attention to it. If you don’t take that into account, you risk your passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicle users at risk.


Timing Belt.

This part is called a timing belt, a timing chain. It’s one of the key parts of an internal combustion engine. This belt simply synchronizes the exact time frame of the valves inside the engine. This part highly affects the vehicle fuel consumption level. If the timing chain is worn out, you must replace it because it affects your vehicle’s fuel economy.

If you are not an expert on this, you must refer to your car manual. Every manufacturer has its estimated time frame. If you are searching for the average life of a timing belt, we can say that, on average, it’s around 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles. In the metric measurement system, it’s around 96,000KM to 160,000 KM.

So, we are recommended to hire an experienced technician to check the condition of the Timing Belt every 60,000 miles. Otherwise, you may be wasting money on unnecessary things.


Engine Air Filter.

Pure air is necessary for the internal combustion engine to burn fuel. If it is clogged with dirt and debris, it is time to change. Air filter replacement is relatively easy, and no need for any technical skills. If you are searching how often you should change your car filter, better check the car user manual. Normally it’s around every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, and in metrics, it’s 20,000 to 24,000 KM.


Strange Sounds.

While driving, if you hear strange notice, you must pay attention to it. First, you have to verify where it comes from. For example, sounds come from the engine or wheels or anywhere else. In the first stage, showing the car to the repair center or recommended mechanic can get the job done quickly without wasting much money. This is the final car maintenance trick.

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